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FirstEnergy Celebrates Lineman Appreciation Day 2020

vanessa lineman appreciation day

Our lives have been upended in historic ways by the coronavirus pandemic. With many Americans spending more time at home, reliable electric service at our customers’ homes is more important than ever. 

Today is National Lineman Appreciation Day, and this year more than ever, we hope you’ll join us in recognizing these talented and committed essential workers, who are working through this crisis to keep our customers safe and comfortable. 

Nearly 2,500 line workers are employed at FirstEnergy’s 10 electric utility companies in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and West Virginia. Some have been with the company for decades or have strong family ties to the industry, while others are just starting their careers after completing the company’s Power Systems Institute line worker training program. 

Regardless of their backgrounds, our line workers have a special bond that is often described as a “tight-knit brotherhood” that includes a few “sisters” – FirstEnergy's female line workers. 

The bond our line workers share is common across the industry, as well, and it’s not uncommon for line crews from across the country to travel away from their home utility’s service area to assist with restoration efforts after a major storm or significant outage. 

During the pandemic, our workers are maintaining safe social distance. For now, a wave and a thumbs up is fine recognition and thanks for a job well done, every day, and now under more perilous circumstances than usual. 

Stay safe. Take care of your families. We’ll do our best to maintain the reliable and safe electric service you expect and deserve.


CONTACT: Chris Eck (330) 620-1775

Last Modified: April 18, 2020